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We are focussed on delivering our unique services very well.  Our focus is on optimising the contact points of the bike. We focus on how your contact points are positioned to allow your body to interact with your bike to it's best abilities and the ergonomics of the contact points themselves.  We can advise on the foundations of suspension set up and technique but ultimately our expertise and focus is on rider biomechanics and contact point optimisation. 

We aim to have the largest range of MTB-specific saddles, grips, handlebars, pedals, shoes, and insoles to test. We also have jigs to test frame fit geometry for new bikes as well as adjustable cranks. 

We test on a variety of gradients using specialist equipment you simply wouldn't see at a regular roadie bike fitter. This is so important as mountain biking is dynamic and handling is so much more important than simply getting the pedalling angles correct. 

What don't we do? 

Our focus on bike fitting is what makes us special, although we can advise on when and where to seek additional expertise.  We can give you a few pointers on body positioning on the bike as we test and demonstrate the biomechanics behind those principles, and we can suggest tweaks to your suspension sag and gearing ratios etc however we know our limits: 

  • Suspension tuning and kinematics. 

  • Coaching & Guiding

  • Bike Repairs & Servicing 

Contact Point Ergonomics

Positioning, Physics and Geometry 

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