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About Us

Born out of obsession. MTB Bike Fit is a dedication to finding the best way to pair a person with a mountain bike. Traditional bike fitting wisdom just doesn't apply. 

So we want to lead the way. New rules, new concepts. 


MTB Bike Fit is an ongoing research and development project always factoring in feedback, testing, and technological advancements. Think of it like an F1 team always looking to find the best solutions. Our process is collaborative and we're always asking for rider feedback. From pros to amateurs, we work with anyone who rides a bike. 

Our mission is simple. To be the best place in the world to get your mountain bike biomechanics and ergonomics optimized. 


Our Story

Liam and Jon were both born and raised in Malvern. Without the hills both our careers would probably have been very different.  Malvern gave us both so much, we truly believe in the magic of the area and its ability to create such great cycling talent. MTB Bike Fit is based in this mountain bike epicenter for good reason. 

Liam started racing professionally in 2002, winning multiple national championships and got selected to compete for GB in the Commonwealth Games. 

In 2005 he signed for Specialized Factory Team and raced all over the world.  

2008 saw a switch to Trek Offroad team followed by Giant in 2012 for remainder of his pro career.  A who's who of top pro teams and each year receiving bike fits at the training camps. 

Jon's story starts with downhill mountain biking, racing the Dragon Downhill races in South Wales and doing himself some damage on numerous occasions.  After many concussions and broken bones, he decided to put the downhill bike away in 2009. It was these injuries that ironically led to his incompatibility with road bikes when he decided to give pedalling a go. This set him on a pathway to figure out how to pair bikes with people. A degree in Sport and Exercise Science paved the way to a career in bike fitting. Running a bike fit studio in Vancouver, Canada, then moving back to England to create the Pedalling Perfection Fit studio in Bristol. 

Fast-forward 2022,  Liam and Jon met over coffee to discuss  "is mtb bike fit a thing?" and quickly realized that it most definitely is, just no one was really offering anything like what we wanted. An annoyance over the lack of good information and the constant observation that most bike fits on mtbs were done without testing any kind of gradients or factoring in how the rider looks when standing up.  After a lengthy discussion, we concluded that the main issue is a lack of focus and resources that most bike shops / fit studios have for mountain bikers  The number of mountain bikers getting bike fit is perhaps so small that nowhere is set up to cater for them. A self-fulfilling circle of lack of demand equals lack of supply. 

So we decided to give ourselves 18 months to create what we would want from a mountain bike fit studio. This is a culmination of our years of experience in bike fitting thousands of riders and racing all over the world at World Cups and Olympics . If you take a look around out site or even better, pay us a visit, you will see we've really tried to leave no stone unturned. 

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