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The only dedicated
MTB Bike Fit Studio

Unrivalled, world level expertise located at the base of the Malvern Hills

The Underpinning Principles

1. Mountain bikes aren't road bikes. So they shouldn't fit like them. So many objections we heard when pitching the idea were almost fearful of traditional bike fitters protocols. We want to show you what's best and help you test it. Not follow a formula or a folklore. We test for functional solutions. Everyone changed their tune when they realised we wanted to make a leap forward in bike fit for MTBs and not just follow the status quo.

2. Mountain biking is dynamic and the best parts are usually when standing up. We need to test how the bike feels in terms of balance and stability when the saddle is down and the trails get steep.  We had to build a way to do this. 


3.  Variables are sometimes opposing. This is why bike fit for MTB is just so complex. Our goal is to optimise what we can and test the compromises for the use-specific variables. Some variables are absolute, others are better for descending and others for climbing. We're here to optimise the absolutes and help you decide your priorities for the rest.  

What Makes Us Unique?

The company was founded out of a perfect combination of passion, experience and location. Malvern is the home of some of the worlds best mountain bikers.


Malvern Hills 

Test the changes with a ride on the famous Malvern Hills. Training ground of multiple international XC , Enduro and Downhill pros. 


Liam Killeen + Jon Wild

One of the UKs most experienced bike fitters combined with one of the UKs most decorated mountain bikers. A winning combo. 


The only MTB Fit Studio

There is nowhere else that does what we do with such focus and specialism. All we focus on is off-road bikes. 

Our Clients Say

"“I recently visited for a MTB bike fit with Jon. He is so knowledgeable and the changes he made have made such a difference to how connected I feel to the bike. I'm not only more comfortable but I'm cornering better, getting more flow on the trails and progressing my skills. I wish I'd done this 2 years ago!”."

Eleanor Jaskowska

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15 Cowleigh Road, North Malvern
Worcestershire, WR14 1QD

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